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LIVE EARTH / www.liveearth.org
The Concerts for a Climate in Crisis

You are invited to a free
Global Broadcast / Webcast
Viewing Party & Networking Event
Saturday, July 7th, 11am - 7pm

@ Jillian's Video Cafe in San Francisco
101 4th Street & Howard in the Sony Metreon

Hosted By:
Save The Earth Foundation, Sound Action,
Unity Foundation, Sierra Club, SF Bay Chapter,
Center for Biological Diversity,
Green Century Institute, Global Citizen Center,
Friends of the Urban Forest, Instituto Laboral de la Raza,
Pacific Environment, California Interfaith Power and Light, KyotoUSA, The Oakland Apollo Alliance

 Seven Continents - Ten Cities
150 Pop Stars Performing
London - New York - Hamburg - Rio De Janeiro
Johannesburg - Tokyo -Shanghai - Sidney
Istanbul and Antarctica

One Million in Live Audience
A Hundred Million Connected Online
Two Billion Television Viewers and YOU!

One Global Message:
SOS Save Our Selves!

Al Gore's Message:
Moving Beyond Kyoto

Live Earth will bring together more than 150 of the world's top musicians for 24-hours of music from 10 concerts across all 7 continents. Live Earth will bring together an audience of more than 2 billion at the concerts and through television, radio, film, and the Internet. That audience, and the proceeds from the event, will create the foundation for a new, multi-year global effort to combat the climate crisis led by Vice President Al Gore.

Friends of Live Earth - San Francisco

This San Francisco Viewing Party and Networking Event is free and open to the public at Jillian's, a large restaurant and sports bar with 50-foot video wall, in the Sony Metreon Mall centrally located at 4th and Howard Street in San Francisco.

The event is co-hosted by coalition of participating environmental and climate change groups as well as local green businesses and media groups. Jillian's can accommodate several hundred people and while the event is free, people must pay for their own food and drink.

San Francisco is home to many groups focused on the climate crisis, and has a world-class civic commitment to the environment. This networking event will celebrate our power to create change and address the issue of global warming.

A uniquely San Francisco mix of environmental community leaders, media producers, politicians, local entertainment community celebrities, artists and green collar workers will be on hand throughout the day to connect and tune into the global community broadcast and webcast. A local network of radio stations, TV and websites will promote the event and invite their audiences to attend. The party will start on Saturday morning and end in the early evening.




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