LIVE 8 /

The Biggest Civic & Cultural Event the World Has Ever Seen

You are invited to a free
Global Broadcast / Webcast
Viewing Party & Networking Event
Saturday, July 2nd, 11am - 8pm

@ Jillian's! Video Cafe in San Francisco
101 4th Street & Mission in the Sony Metreon

Hosted By: The ONE Campaign, RESULTS, Unity Foundation
BAIDO - Bay Area International Development Organizations
and Others

Four Continents - Nine Cities - 150 Pop Stars Performing

London - Philadelphia - Paris - Rome - Berlin - Tokyo
Toronto - Johannesburg - Moscow

One Million in Live Audience
A Hundred Million Connected Online
Two Billion Television Viewers

One Global Message - Make Poverty History! ­
Contact: Media 415-738-2414 - Production 415-243-8900

Download PDF Flyer of Event, and pass-it-on to others...

You are invited to stop in and check out this free event!

It will be happening all day long and up to 8pm.

Please invite your friends and associate. This is a great occasion to meet up with your friends for brunch, lunch, a drink or dinner.

A broad coalition of NGO and non-profit groups and the One Campaign are hosting and promoting this public viewing party and networking event from 11am to 8pm.

Here in the bay area we are plugging into this historic event and showcase the fact that there is a vibrant community of international development organizations, artist, musicians, technology people, cultural workers, volunteers and activists that welcomes the public to get involved with the global movement to end extreme poverty.

Local cultural and music celebrities as well as political and community leaders are being invited to show support by making personal appearances. Local television and news media are being invited to report on this local gathering as part of their coverage of the larger global story.

Live 8 is not a fundraising event. It is about raising voice ­ one worldwide voice with one unified message to the G8 Summit leaders to "Make Poverty History". It is designed to showcase public support to the G8 leaders, for funding sustainable development solutions to eliminate extreme global poverty, particularly in Africa where the need is greatest.

These Live 8 Global Concerts Against Poverty will be the largest global civic and cultural event the world has ever seen. The concerts take place on July 2nd on three continents and in eight cities; London, Philadelphia, Toronto, Paris, Rome and Berlin,Tokyo and Johannesburg with over 100 of the worlds leading pop stars performing to a combined live audience of over one million people. AOL will webcast the event live worldwide to over 100 million people online. The BBC, MTV networks and national networks will broadcast the concerts to two billion television viewers worldwide.